Friday, July 11, 2014

Back to Basics ~ Less IS More!

As a physician,  I am often asked about skin concerns.  What can I do for my kids acne?  What are these tender skin bumps I have on the backs of my arms?  What product would you consider best for my dry skin? How do I avoid the tight feeling after washing my face with cleanser?

I had a dermatologist tell me once in my training that alpha hydroxy acid based cleansers and moisturizers can acutally create a vicious cycle with your skin.  You begin using them because of the promised blessing of smoother, younger looking skin, less visible lines. Here is the real scoop.  Alpha hydroxy acids create inflammation by exfoliating the dead skin layer on top of your skin.  By exposing the "under belly" of your complextion your skin will appear renewed and pinker/brighter.  What is actually happening is inflamation leads to swelling which leads to less appearance of fine lines and a happy customer.  If you continue to use these products on a daily basis trying to make up for lost time of not taking care of your skin (or you have a class reunion coming up and you want to erase as much time as possible) you will notice initial improvement.  Then the dreaded reality comes into play and as you begin to wane in your routine those lines become more visible, the skin appears less pink ie... inflammed.  If you have acne or dry skin this is when you will begin to notice the rebound effect of drier skin or worsening of acne and you are now hooked into paying too high of a price for glowing skin.  You do not need alpha hydroxy acids for your skin to look radiant.  Save your money... consider our castile soap based sugar Face & Body Scrub fortified with glycerin, vitamin E, almond oil, essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, sage, really is amazing and simple to use.  Not to mention one jar lasts a long time. 

Healthy skin is as much about what you DO NOT put on it as what you put on it.  I fell into this cycle of believing that as a woman in my early forties I had better start with these creams in order to prevent wrinkles and preserve my youthful appearance.  They can sting and I thought...Dang!  if it burns a bit it must be working!  I began to notice red flaky patches, tender small red bumps on my face and thought I must have had some really bad damage to repair because I am getting older. I then went back to talk to my friendly sales person at the local cosmetic counter and they sold me another product to "help"  that was full of perfumes, preservatives, texture improving chemicals that gave a nice skin feel and $100 later I felt like I was now on my way to recovery!  Ever been there before?

I then started doing nothing for my skin and noticed it calmed down, felt better, didn't burn, and those tender red bumps went away.  I was not having an allergic skin was being acted upon by all of these chemicals and was it really necessary?

Skin care does not have to be complicated, or expensive.  I developed our soaps with wonderful skin loving oils in an amount that is superfatted to a percentage that cleanses just enough and leaves a lot of wonderful moisture behind.  All of our soaps are great for a head to toe clean but we do formulate many of our soaps with a purpose in mind and then fortify them with more of the good stuff for a specific area of your body like face, shave, baby, feet, sun-damaged get the idea. 

Our Facial Bar is perfect for tender face skin of all types and here is why... It is a goat milk soap with a more neutral pH and loaded with fatty acids. Why does that matter to your face?  Goat milk contains fatty acids that will never become saponified (changed) into soap.  They just hang around and wait to land on your skin so when you cleanse your face, this yumminess stays behind and face never feels stripped and tight.  We super-fatten up our soaps even more which means you will notice less moiturizer is needed after cleansing.  The Facial Bar contains lemon peel for very gentle scrubbing and kaolin clay for a smooth detoxifying clean. Our essential oil of choice is Sage, which is good for all skin types and aids in healing sun-damaged skin, inflammation caused by acne, eczema and psoriasis.  

So then the question comes up about having oily skin and not wanting to put more oils on oily skin.  Here is the answer for that dilemma.  If you have oily skin, it traps dirt that then creates not only a shine, but a vehicle for dirt and debris to settle into your pours, making them more visible and potentially create pimples or occluded skin pours.  Oil and Oil mix well!  The added fats in our soaps capture the oils on the surface of your skin, taking the debris with it and washes it away with the gentle cleansing of the soap.  Tad-ah!  Acne improves.  Oily skin improves.  It really is that easy. 

Our soaps are a win win for all skin types.  

Let's look at our shaving soap, 'Roc Your Shave.  Why do so many people notice less shave rash and a closer more balmy shave with 'Roc Your Shave?  It has as much to do with eliminating the artificial lathering agents in shaving cream and detergent shave gels, eliminating preservatives, eliminating the chemical fragrance and adding ingredients that benefit your skin and your shave!  'Roc Your Shave is rich in natural vegetable glycerin that forms from the soap making process.  We then pack it to the point where it can take no more with Moroccan Clay which allows the razor glide and slip on your face, head or legs in a way that allows you to use a less expensive razor with fewer blades for a closer shave.  We finish our shaving soap with a blend of essential oils that open up the hair follicles and make the hair within it stand up away from the skin, making shaving easier.  Result?  Closer shave, less razor burn, balmy finish.  

Simplify your skin care routine.  Start loving our skin! Less is more!  You can check out our products here and begin loving your skin simply by eliminating the bad and using Lume Soapworks products. 

Physician Formulated.  Nature Inspired~

Just my thoughts today,
Shannon Klingman, M.D.

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