Thursday, April 10, 2014

When Life Hands You Lemons, Lume Makes Pink Lemonade!

Here is our newest beauty!  Hand-Milled Orange Blossom.  Making soap is a lot like baking bread.  You can follow the same formula, method and each time it has a life of it's own.  The factors that go into making the perfect batch of soap are temperature, mixing method...the perfect amount of time and knowing when to say "when!" It is not an exact science when you throw colors, essential oils, clays and micas and hand swirling into the mix.  Each element behaves differently and some play nicer with others!  Like children~ Sometimes soap doesn't behave!  Here is one of those soaps.  Nothing lost however and a great product came from it!  We had to hand-mill it into submission!  It will be on our website in 3 wks.
Hand-Milled Orange Blossom Soap

Pink Lemonade!  It sounds so whimsical and happy.  I love the thought of lemonade and this bar screams summer!  So pretty.   

My dad and I make all of the soap here at Lume Soapworks (for's getting close to needing another soap team) with an occasional pitch hitting by someone else on our team.  It is like a dance.  We have our roles and play our part and it is so nice to know that my dad has my back!  He washes the dishes after I make a mess creating the next scent combination.   He always credits me with the beauty of the bars even though it's clear when I make soap without him it doesn't sing nearly as much as when we make it together.

Check out our website, place an order and for the month of April we will send along a free sample bar of Buttermilk & Honey.  Mention the blog and we will give you free shipping on $35 order or more.

Thank you for reading!  Shannon

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