Friday, March 28, 2014

Lume Soapworks made it's debut under the Captiva Island Sun!  

Hey Everybody I am starting to blog this week! Our great happenings are too fun not to share so stay tuned for some real "Day in the life of Lume!" moments.  

We were vacationing in Captiva, Florida this week while doing a little research on the hot sun.  Sun Up, our solid sunscreen stick with an SPF of 30 really performed well!  It was perfect for the kids to reapply after swimming.  It goes on white and blends out to clear.  I loved using it straight up solid white under tender eyes that have goggles coming on and off and on and off.  We loved the water resisitant nature of it as well.  Never ashy and always nurishing with shea butter, cocoa butter and all natural micronized zinc oxide.  Chemical Free.  Sun Down is a nice after sun skin care aloe lotion too!